Sunday, 13 November 2039

New friend!

I was just chilling in Mental Hospital, done with everyone before I talked to doctor and told him I want a roommate. Later, my parents came to visit me and then as doctor talked to them, someone bumped into me. I faced the guy with beautiful blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes. I immadiately knew there was wonderful human being who went through lot in that person and I wanted him as my roommate. I asked doctor to do that and later that afternoon, someone knocked on my door and there he was. His name is Angel and he deals 
with Schizophrenia and Anxiety, but he is wonderful guy! I will be showing him my blog tomorrow, so nervous! Anyway I am off to bed now, thanks for reading my blog again. 


Sunday, 25 September 2039

Song recommendation

I decided that every Sunday I recommend new song.

This Sunday's song recommendation is:
Spanish Sahara from Foals 

It's song from Life is Strange game, and that is great game aswell. The song is great and relaxing, you should play it and lie down on your bed and close your eyes.



Friday, 23 September 2039


One day, I was chatting with my friend Summer and she said " Dude, you should like watch TV series called Sherlock, it's amazing! " So, I got curious and searched it online and after watching the whole series, I must say I am in love with it! All the details, all the great information, all interesting events, everything is great and the main characters are cool! I recommend it highly!

Rate: 10/10


Tuesday, 20 September 2039


What is bullying? Why do bullies exist? What does it feel like to be bullied? If you are wondering any of these, then you are reading the right post. So my life has been great while I was a child, but all that turned into memories once I entered middle school. My family contains two fathers Dan and Phil with their not-bloody-linked brothers PJ and Chris. Basically, I have two dad's and as you all may find out, yes they're gay- well bisexual. Because of that, I was bullied my entire middle school and my life turned into total crap. Somehow, I survived middle school, but once I enterd high school, my life turned from crap to hell. I was pushed against lockers, walls, I got my lunch into trash can, I was basically a victim of bullying. Because of that, I started getting depressed and that's why I ended in mental hospital. Bullies are someone who use your kindness and happiness and crush them, they use your poor life to have fun with and they think they are best and you can do nothing to them, they are reason you get stressed and depressed and they exist to ruin your life. If you are victim of bullying, please contact somebody who will at least be there to protect or comfort you, ask for help and don't keep it in. Good Luck.



Hello! My name is Dil Howlter, I am sixteen years old and I am just an emo trash. Joking aside, I am currently resting on bed in my room inside of Mental Hospital building, many has happened to me and I'd like to share it with all of you, and I will be discussing about many important themes and share some of my favourite things example: Music, games, books, etc,... I really hope you will like me. My hobby is to write, sing, play guitar and play games. I am bad at this introduction stuff so before I say something bad, I'll just end this with thanks for spending your time to read such a blog.